Wellness & Unfolding

Flo Ankah, french actress and singer

Mentoring Creatives

My focus is empowering creatives and entertainment professionals who are dedicated to their craft and want to make a positive impact. Brining both the experience of the artist, and resources from a business perspective, give me an unique perception of the creative potential of each individual. I specialize in connecting your body and voice, which will give you new perspectives for your work.- Define and manifest your goals with clarity

– Connecting movement and sound, improving your charisma
– Devising weekly habits to stretch yourself artistically
– Marketing, social media and online presence
– Organize, systemize, declutter
– End procrastination, be accountable for tasks

We can also work together for an Audition, Job Interview or Speaking Engagement. You will get the tools to project your voice with your whole body, assert your personality, improve your posture and space awareness. Analyzing the words, we determine the objectives and actions suited for your character to win over your audience and exude brilliant acting and personality. With ThetaHealing®, we can redefine your goals and clear the subconscious beliefs that used to prevent you from experiencing your dreams. You will step into a meaningful career, express yourself into the world, and work with intuition. Together we embrace the individuality of your talent to incur profound change in how you approach your practice, relationship and life purpose.

 *The ThetaHealing® practitioner cannot advice you on your medical treatment, but can work on the roots of the illness. You must consult your doctor for any diagnoses. All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. If you cancel after that time, cannot show up for a session, or come late, you will be responsible for the entire fee. By registering, you understand that Flo Ankah does not provide therapy, and you will not hold the instructor responsible for any injury or vocal conditions. The fee for your session can be tax-deductible.